What apps has Muse Published?

Muse has a couple apps in the app store, an app from iOS Dev Camp, and an app on the way.

Lucy Sky

Lucy Sky is our first app that uses the Muse platform. It barely hints at what’s to come, but is kinda fun. It uses false color mapping on the live video coming from the iPad 2.

Right now, we’re working on an update to Lucy Sky to combine both real and false colors and improve performance to allow it to work smoothly on the iPhone 4.


PocketJockey is an arcade style racing game. It uses the accelerometer to control the pace of horse in time to the music.

The original idea was conceived and coded by Warren Stringer and David Abramson, inspired by David’s “reactive motion” prototype that used control accelerometer to control the playback of music.

PJ does not use the Muse platform, it is a early exploration of the iPhone SDK, circa version 2.1. It has never been updated and, to Apple’s credit, it still works!


HowlOgram is an arcade style photo booth that was a team project at iOSDev camp. You choose a mask and record a video of yourself that can be email to your friends.

The original idea and much of the design is by Sally Applin, and coded by Warren Stringer, Martin Gregory, and Chuck Soper.

HowlOGram does not use the Muse platform, either. It was merely some folks getting together to explore what can be done with new features.

The Next App

The next app has a name, but hasn’t been submitted yet. It combines images, handwriting, palettes, and artificial life, to create and animated message that can be shared via email and social sites.

Like Lucy Sky, the next app also uses the Muse platform. Patches can be tweaked, saved, and passed around to anyone who has the app on their iPad or iPhone.