When did Muse get started?

Muse.com got started early, and took its time to actually release a product.

Muse.com was registered in 1994, inspired by the first web browser, called Mosaic. It was clear that the internet was going to change how we express ourselves. Exactly how, was anybody’s guess.

By 1999, we started to create a platform to connect devices to web performances. After playing with a lot of devices and creating some of our own, we settled upon the tablet as the most expressive.

By 2007, the visual music synthesizer, called Sky, had been performed around the world, put into many hands, to get a feel for how touch, visuals, and music can feed into each other.

And then the iPhone came out. It had touch, camera, microphone, and connect to the internet. It could play music and video. It was what was missing in 1994: an expressive internet device.

And now, the iPad 2 expands the canvas: a new kind of instrument; to touch, see, hear, in the moment, in a way that can be shared, tweaked and passed along.