Who would use Muse?

Let’s start with a few personas

3 year old performer

A three year girl plays peter and the wolf while finger painting a riot of color on the iPad. The result is a visual music performance that her Mom posts on Facebook.

6 year old collaborators

A group of 6 year olds start jamming together. One boy is shaking an old iPhone like a castanet. Another girl is drawing figures on an iPad while another is changing rules on the iPad at the same time. Meanwhile a fourth is singing pulses of colors. The result is collaborative performance that their teacher records and posts on YouTube.

9 year old orchestrator

Where did the singing color patch come from? Could have been a 9 year old sister who connected the microphone to color pulser. Without ever hearing the word before, she is learning about realtime ontologies by creating one.

12 year old developer

Meanwhile, an older brother creates a new shader that translates notes into dancing doodle bugs. At the next update, Muse publishes his patch – with his name given full credit!

And then there’s you

Finally, take these exemplary kids, mix up their ages, genders, and ethnicity – and then include 20 something DJs, 30 something VJs, Gen X’rs, boomers, and wise elders.

Over the years, we’ve put many prototypes into many kinds of hands, and they all seem to like it. Maybe you will, too.