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Eiffle Glen Gould Scriabin op 38 Wiki Eiffle Tower Two stills were smudged and performed with a custom luma key adjusted via midi controller. Seeing the world through the lens of ones own culture. A single place refracting through the prism of a million points of view.
Moma Biosphere/Deathprod Title Wiki San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Stills shifted through a 3D space. Upon a wheel, a sail, and taking wing; we've mastered movement through earth, water, and air. Now, mounting cones of fire to explore the void – melting gravity to forge a vessel exploring the unknown.
Tabla Zakhir Hussein Tabla Beat Science  Wiki San Francisco Video segment mapped and shifted in a 3D space. Solo flight.
Mandala Biosphere what3 when3 where3 The Solala algorithm by Thomas Geier, seeding a cellular automaton with shifted bit planes. Looking inwards and outward. In the light of a flickering candle - making out the faces of clouds.
Angel TheOne Bardo Images from Cathedral at Cologne where3 Images were smudged, tiled, and shifted in 3D space with digital video feed back to give the Angels “wings” Of curiosity making things smaller. Of a faith in that which is just beyond our comprehension.
Swingle Swingle Singers Bach Fug when3 where3 Mapping FFTs to Alife reacton diffusion rule A classical sorbet to clense the palette.