Lucy Sky Questions

Whats new with 2.0?

With the Lucy Sky 2.0 update, the main enhancements are:

1) running 5x (five times) faster
2) has 50% more pixels with more vivid shaders
3) records video as well as snapshots
4) works on an iPhone 3GS and above
5) new touch to select point of interest
6) real color mixed with false color
7) improved UI to select front/back cameras and torch

Why dots instead of a larger panel, like Apple’s Photo Booth?

Lucy Sky is part of a new ecosystem of interactive media messages. Each message will be enclosed in “.muse” file, or dot, for short. While you may have dozen apps, it is possible to have thousands of dots.

Why not record in HD?

Bandwidth. Lucy Sky is focused on enhanced video messages. For it to work, the message has to get through! 30 seconds of 640×480 with moderate compression is about 3 megabytes, which is the limit for some email providers. About 300 video messages will take up about one gigabyte of your monthly data plan.