Hello, my name is:

Warren Stringer                

I make stuff

I am a co-founder of muse.com to develop social self expression for mobile devices, game machines, and the web. In the process, I created a visual music synthesizer, called Sky which has been performed at raves, clubs, and concerts, for example. I'm also creating a social media ontology, call Tr3, that connects Human input devices, game engines, and social media, into a new kind of performance mash-up. 

In 2005, I helped out at Snocap with their retailer SDK, security analysis, and value proposition analysis.

I also co-founded Vuppet Corporation, which created gestural input devices for games and virtual puppeteering. In the process, I invented a 3D input device using MEMs sensors, wrote the original patents, coded a 3D prototype using DirectX and OpenGL, and put the results into the hands of ecstatic clubbers, for example.

Previously, I was co-founder of TestDrive Corp. In the process, I invented Electronic Shrinkwrap (US Pat. 5341429 ) and Virtual Install (US Pat. 5642417 ) which pioneered content distribution. I also laid outmost of TestDrive’s original architecture and wrote much of the client code. Investors included Intel, U.S. Venture Partners, R. R. Donnelley, and Jim Bidzos.

As a consultant, I created the first object oriented test suite for Borland (Turbo Pascal 5.5), was the lead programmer for the the first major electronic software distribution product (Lotus Choices), prototyped the first sheet music kiosk (MusicWriter), conceived the first hypertext and packet radio newswire service for Equitorial and Apriori, and conceived the first interactive project management GUI and DBMS for Xerox and Aha, Inc.

Prior to that, I led software based project management seminars for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, and provided technology due diligence for an angel investor.

I’ve also developed copy protection, sound drivers, eWallets, font tools, graphics, compression, cellular automata, and crypto for anonymous collaboration.

Still curious?

Here is my excruciatingly detailed technical resume.

Oh yes, I’ve also been known to play the occasional music and visual gigs.

But, enough about me...

How about you?